Gem Q10 Forte[ Reduced Co Enzyme Q10,Omega 2 Fatty Acid ]

In unexplained Male infertility high ROS may Negatively impact sperm capacitation & Fertilization Presenting
Gem Q10 Forte Reduced Co Enzyme Q10,Omega 2 Fatty Acid  (EPA,DHA) Zinc Sulphate, Vitamin C,Benfotiamine & L Arginine softgel capsule
Premium choice for Male infertility
The Powerful Blend For Assured Fertility – Matches International Standards

Reduced CoQ10

Bioenergic Anti Oxidant,Maximum Protaction From Oxidative Stress

Benfotiamine Mainly acts on peripheral tissues through an increase in transketolase activity Selenium

Play a Role in The Systhesis of DNA & RNA,is Essential For Normal Spermatogenesis

Omega 3 Fatty Acids(EPA,DHA)

Helps to improve sperm count & Have significant influence over Male Fertility By Reducing The incidence Of Asthenozoospermla & Outcome Of Varicocele

ZINC Proven immunomodulatory Antioxidant

VITAMIN C Helps To Improve Seminal Fluid Ascorbic Acid Level

Thus Plays Vital Role In Protecting Against Sperm Damage



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