GemBless-F [ Tablets (Prmium Choice For Female Infertility) ]

Help Them to Transforming Their Dreams into Reality Rx
GemBless-F Tablets
(Prmium Choice For Female Infertility)
In Technical Collaboration With The Most Tested And Trusted Patented Formula Of U.S-”Fertility Blend”

L-Arginine inreases Carvical Secretion And Improves Egg Quality
Benfotiamine •Mainly acts on peripheral tissues through an increase in transketolase activity
Chaste Berry Corrects Luteal Phase Defects
Green tea,Iron,Zinc & Other Nutrients Reduces Oxidative Stress & Optimise Micronutrient Level


A propietary blend of 540 mg contains L-Aarginine 140 mg
Benfotiamine 6 mg
Green Tea standardized(50% phenols) 200 mg
Chasteberry stadardized(0.5% agnusides) 200 mg
Vitamin B6 an pyridoxine hydrochloride 3 mg
Vitamin B12 as cyancobalamin 6 mg
Folic acid 200 mcg
Vitamin E(as d alpha tocopherol) 75 IU
Iron (as gluconate) 9 mg
Magnesium oxide (eq. to elemental magnesium) 200 mg
Zinc gluconate ( equivalent to elemental zinc) 7.5 mg
Sodium selenate equivalent to selenium 3.5 mg


one Tablet Twice Daily For 3 to 6 months



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