L-METHYLFOLATE : reduces complications in mother and fetus and exerts anti – depressant effect.
MECOBALAMINE : Overcomes deficiency. plays role in brain functioning and blood formation.
PYRIDOXAL – 5 – PHOSPHATE : Active Vit. B6; substrate of alkaline phosphate in bone formation.
DHA : Imporoves cognitive function , supports fetal brain and eye development.
VITAMIN D3: Increase BMD , prevents infertility and reduces hyperandrogenism and obesity

Neural tube defects / low birth weight | Pre -Eclampsia | Prenetal and Postnatal complications
Pcos/infertility | Oxidative Stress/Nerve Health | Depression / Mood Disorders

A true protector of womanhood



L-Methylfolate Calcium 1 mg + Mecobalamine 1500mcg+Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate 0.5 mg + Dha(40%) 200mg+Vitamin D3 2000 I.U.
DHA Supplements , early in Pregnancy for Primary Prevention of Preterm Birth Preeclampsia and FGR (Foetal Growth Restriction)


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